directions to Busker
Friday: 8 PM - ON

Eusebio Bañuelos (Curator, Organizer and realtime audio video performance)
Juan Jose Rivas (realtime audio video performer)
Mario de Vega (realtime audio video performer)
Paola de Anda (video installation)
Carolina Esparragoza (sculptural installation)
Video selection (Enrique Jezik, Warriors Collective, Miho Haguino, Lureana Toledo)
techmex - (web-based New Media)
fllanos - (web-based New Media)

Eusebio Bañuelos curates a night of Video Art, realtime audio video performances and installations from Mexico City. Video screenings, performances, installations and web-based New Media by Eusebio Bañuelos, Juan Jose Rivas, Paola de Anda, Mario de Vega, Carolina Esparragoza, techmex and fllanos present a view into the diverse fields of Mexican media art.

THURSDAY 2006.04.06
FRIDAY 2006.04.07
SATURDAY 2006.04.08
SUNDAY 2006.04.08