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Saturday: 8 PM - ON

Rogelio Sosa (Sound Art selection curator)
Amanda Gutierrez (realtime audio video curator)
MU Collective: Eduardo Melendez, Ernesto Romero and Ezequiel Netri (realtime audio video performance)
Mario de Vega and jake elliott (realtime audio video performance)
Open Improvisation with (A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest participants, curators and organizers

Rogelio Sosa curates a selection of Sound Art from Mexico City interwoven with realtime audio video performances curated by Amanda Gutierrez. the MU Collective (Eduardo Meléndez, Ernesto Romero and Ezequiel Netri) perform a realtime improvisation digitally connecting performers in Chicago (Meléndez and Romero) with Mexico City (Netri). Mario de Vega (Mexico City) and jake elliott (Chicago) collaborate in an experimental audio video set. Following these performances, an Open Improvisation creates an opportunity for collaboration and exchange between (A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest participants, curators and organizers.

THURSDAY 2006.04.06
FRIDAY 2006.04.07
SATURDAY 2006.04.08
SUNDAY 2006.04.08